What about the Moms Entrepreneur Journey

Mompreneur is the blend of two words, mom and entrepreneur. There are more than five million female-owned businesses, and the number is rising.

Running a home-based company at home and becoming a “mompreneur” isn’t difficult, but how do you become a good “mompreneur?” What are various things that make you a successful working mom and help you live the life you always dream of?

Here are a few hints:

Ask Questions

You’re someone who likes to ask questions? We learn by asking, and you should learn how to ask questions and ask more questions, particularly your business questions—asking questions about how to get started, how to develop your home business, how to draw more customers to your website and so on will certainly help you grow your business.

Do not be scarred to ask questions, because many people will be able to answer your questions and support you if they can. Having mentors in your profession and posing questions to them is always a good idea. A short cut to your success is getting feedback from successful people too.

Sets goals

What are your expectations for your company at home? You should always set deadlines and know your business goals clearly. Write down your company goals, and put them where you can quickly reach them. When you’ve been exhausted and struggling with your business, take your notes out and refer to the targets you set.

You may split your main objective into smaller goals or steps, and you can gain trust by attaining those smaller goals. If you’re sure, you’ll become more excited about the next task.

Value human beings

A good mompreneur should know one important thing is how to listen, support and help one another as much as possible and becoming a humble person. Different people may have different viewpoints or perspectives on the same subject or issue, and often you do not agree with their viewpoints. Listen to them and don’t threaten, annoy or offend citizens. Always treat with respect to people.


Social networking is a powerful business tool and no matter in which business field you’re in; you need to enter those groups or networks and be involved in their discussion. You will find in the party the same minded people and hold the same view too. These groups of people can, in many ways, support your company, and they can also inspire you and motivate you when you face any problems. Networking groups are also a place to demonstrate your skills and make you known and trusted in your profession.

Arrange and schedule

Often, most stay at home, moms have to take care of the kids during the daytime and can be easily distracted. A good mompreneur should also know how to manage the work schedule and the time. You may not have set working hours, but you must know how many hours you spend per week on your company. Even you need to know what things you have to do every day. List and imagine your mission so you won’t miss out on any important job.