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Are you wondering what a mastermind is?

Simply, it’s a set of regular meetings for peer-to-peer mentoring alongside a healthy dose of accountability.

Are you looking for mastermind group members?

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BE Collaborative Mastermind™ How-To, All-in-One

BE Collaborative Mastermind, How-To All-in-One

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It’s all here:

  • Is a Mastermind Right for You?
  • Checklist: How to Start a Mastermind
  • Who Should Be in My Mastermind and How Do I Reach out to Them
  • Define What Success Looks like for You and Your Group
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Four Mastermind Meeting Structures
  • Confidential Agreement

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BE Collaborative Mastermind: Is it right for you?
We’ve put together a few questions in this download to help you decide if a mastermind is what you need.


Checklist: How To Start a Mastermind
Use this how-to checklist to make sure you’re set up to launch your mastermind or strengthen your existing one.


The people in your mastermind (MM) group will be the power behind everyone’s success. Download this to help pinpoint the best group members and how to reach out to them.  Podcast Episode 1: Together We Go Further helps put this to use!


Before you finalize the members of your mastermind group, use this to make sure everyone’s clear about their individual goals and the group’s goals.


Checklist: How To Start a Mastermind
There are a few important things your mastermind group will want to know about you, and you of them, to help your meetings be more productive. Get started with this.


Whether you’re already in a mastermind group or not, these four meeting structures will help you mix it up and make the most of your time together.


We think what you talk about in your meetings should be confidential. This sample non-disclosure agreement will give you and your group that extra level of commitment.


Find Group Members

We know that finding the right people is sometimes a major obstacle to forming a mastermind group.

We’re currently creating a list of women who are looking for mastermind group members, both near and far. Virtual meetings can be just as powerful as in-person ones. (For a glimpse of how that works, check out podcast episode 3, One Meeting She Never Misses.)

We’ll be providing solutions to connecting you with one another in 2018. If you’re interested, let us know.

Psst: Did you know the BE Podcast wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the mastermind group we formed together two years ago? If you haven’t listened, check it out here!

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