Give Yourself Permission Meg O"Leary

Episode 11: Give Yourself Permission

BE Permissive. Meg O’Leary has had three distinctly different careers and, in the process, has learned big changes often require giving yourself permission. Meg shares stories from her work in hospitality in Big Sky, MT, her transition into her role as Director of the Montana Department of Commerce, and how she is giving herself permission now, as she embarks on the journey of establishing her own business.

Very few of us have mapped out a clear professional path from beginning to end and then had it actually work out just like we imagined . . . (more)

Mirror, Mirror, You're a Damn Liar

Episode 10: Mirror, Mirror, You’re a Damn Liar!

BE Kind. Today’s episode is all about that negative voice in the back of our minds. You know the one, it pipes up when it shouldn’t, creates doubt about what you look like, who you are and challenges whether you’ve got what it takes to tackle your dreams. Well, we’re going to share some tips on how to quiet that voice.

From hiding in grocery store aisles to sleepless nights, and from mistreating loved ones to giving others more power over us than they really have. We expose it. . . (more)

Cooperation or Collaboration

Episode 9: Collaboration or Cooperation. How Are You Showing Up?

BE Open. If collaboration is so great, why would someone hesitate to get involved? This episode explores possible barriers that one may have when trying to work with teams.

To BE Collaborative or not to BE. In work and school settings, we often find ourselves in situations where we’re supposed to be collaborating but in the midst of a task or project. . . (more)

Episode 8: Affecting Change With Conscious Fashion

BE Socially Conscious. Jen Perry is the owner and inventor of Jelt, a patent-pending elastic belt made from 100% recycled water bottles. The best part of the Jelt Belt brand is their commitment to giving back to American soldiers wounded in combat and to incarcerated women who want to gain valuable job skills prior to release. We speak to Jen about her inspiring innovation and her plans to continue growing her business with a finger on the pulse of social entrepreneurship.

Laying on what she thought was her deathbed, Jen Perry decided that if she lived, she was going to. . . (more)

Episode 7: Favorite Failure

BE Failing. In this episode, we are talking about the failure we are most proud of. Yeah, you heard that right, we said proud and failure in the same sentence . . . because with every failure there is the opportunity to grow if you choose to.

What do repossessed cars and horribly fudged schedules have in common? They are both caused by fallible humans who . . . (more)

Episode 6: Collaboration, Competition, Connection

BE Connected. We are talking about what that looks like through an entrepreneurial lens and how we can allow ourselves to be more collaborative and leverage competition all while maintaining strong connections.

It can be a dog eat dog world. When it comes to business, is it better to hold your competition at bay . . . (more)

Episode 5: BE Purposeful

BE Purposeful. A personal purpose statement can help to give you clarity whether you are defining a mission for your business or trying to figure out your personal goals. We share details on how you can create your personal purpose statement and how to use it to stay focused on your goals, even as they grow and change.

Steer your success with this simple tool! If you’re interested in becoming . . . (more)

Episode 4: Four Mastermind Meeting Structures

BE Structured: Here are four powerful meeting structures that you can use to get the most out of your mastermind meetings. If you don’t already have a mastermind group, this episode will help you decide if building one is right for you.

This week’s informative podcast focuses on ways you can structure your mastermind meetings so you get the most out of them(more)

Episode 3: One Meeting She Never Misses

BE Committed. We interview Katie Goodman; author, performer, writer, and coach. Katie started her own mastermind group recently and we delve into her insights, hiccups, and exuberance as she discovers how a committed and collaborative group has helped her professionally and personally.

Whether you’re considering forming a mastermind or you’re already in one, listening to this illuminating episode is a MUST!

When Katie told us that the one meeting she “never misses” is her mastermind meeting, we knew exactly what(more)

Episode 2: Mastermind Group: Find the Right Fit

BE Intentional. Define the mastermind group and get what you need out of it.

Are you feeling like you’re working in a vacuum? If so, it’s time for fresh insights and support from smart, energized collaborators.

Entrepreneurs, professional women, and change makers like you increase their power and productivity when(more)

Episode 1: Together We Go Further

BE Collaborative. This podcast episode is about the power of collaboration and how it can help you professionally and personally. One of the tools in our collaboration arsenal, the mastermind, has helped us grow our businesses as well as our individual growth.

We go deep into the why and how to create your own new collaborative team. We share our personal mastermind journey and how it led to creating.(more)

Psst: Did you know the BE Podcast wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the mastermind group we formed together two years ago? Discover the magic that unfolds by starting your own BE Collaborative Mastermind™ today. Steal our newly added downloadables on our Mastermind Resources pages. Start your mastermind today or strengthen your existing one!

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